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Eating Disorders Invade Elementary Schools

As any parent of a young child can attest, mealtime can be one of the most challenging parts of the day, featuring (among other rituals) refusals to eat certain foods, complaints about the menu, and arguments over who got the biggest serving of dessert.

Diuretic Abuse: A Warning Sign of Bigger Problems

National Football League suspended six players for the final four games of the 2008 season for violating the league's policy against the use of performance-enhancing substances.

The Link Between Eating Disorders and Substance Abuse

Human pain and suffering manifest in diverse ways. Some people steal, some people shop compulsively, some refuse to engage with the rest of the world.

Male Eating Disorders: Re-Evaluating the Stereotypes

John is an academically gifted and highly motivated young athlete, who plans to attend an Ivy League college on scholarship in the fall. He is lean and muscular, spending hours in the gym every day after school and meticulously following a strict high-protein, no-fat diet.

Eating Disorders and Compulsive Exercise

Although compulsive exercise is not an official psychiatric diagnosis, it is widely recognized as a companion behavior to eating disorders. Disordered eaters exercise excessively for various reasons.

Altering body image: an interview with a medical doctor who suffered from an eating disorder, and found a cure

Dr.Sarah Pratt (not her real name) looks, according to one friend, like a woman in a Botticelli painting, tall, with rippling golden hair, and a beautiful figure. But she has not always seen herself that way.

Finding Health and Healing in the Aftermath of an Eating Disorder

Anya is a social worker who works long hours at a community health center. You would never guess that this fit and trim, radiantly healthy woman – a skilled mountain climber nearing 50 years of age – has experienced decades of struggles with eating disorders.

Male Athletes and Eating Disorders

Heterosexual males with eating disorders tend to be performance-focused. In other words, their disordered eating, purging, and exercise patterns are geared to enhance their physical prowess, as evidenced by athletic performance.

Starving for Two: Eating Disorders Put Pregnant Women & Their Babies at Risk

Throughout most of Kate Dean's pregnancy, the 24-year-old Welsh woman spent an inordinate amount of time hunched over the toilet bowl.