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German Research Finds Reduced Grey Matter in Brains of Anorexic Patients

People suffering from anorexia nervosa show decreased amounts of gray matter in their brains, according to a new study from Germany.

  • Dr. Joos Kloppel and his colleagues used brain imaging technology to study the brains of 12 people with anorexia and 17 who are bulimic.
  • The ones with bulimia did not show changes in the gray or white matter in their brains but the anorexics showed less volume in gray matter.
  • One interesting finding of the study was that the subjects' scores on "drive for thinness" correlated with right inferior degree matter volumes in both the anorexic and bulimic subjects.

The study appears in the journal Neuropsychologist.

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Posted By: Jane St. Clair


Kensington on 9/22/2010
I'm curious what the criteria is for the anorexics in the study. I'm wondering if the people had sufferered for X amount of time or any amount of time. My guess is if it's mostly or only people who have restricted long enough to cause major malnourishment, it explains the results.