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Montreal Fashion Designer Calls for More Change in Use of Ultra-Thin Models

Montreal-based fashion designer Katrin Leblond, reports that it is still difficult to find healthier-sized models in Montreal, and she believes additional efforts are required.

"There's no centralized industry, there's no centralized monitoring of modeling agencies," Leblond said in a March 10 article by Andrea Hayley of The Epoc Times. "Most of the agencies couldn't even provide me with a choice of more than one or two girls of that size."

According to the Quebec Association for Assistance to People Suffering from Anorexia and Bulimia, as many as 65,000 women in the province struggle with disordered eating behaviors, The Epoc Times reported. The extreme thinness of fashion models is believed to be one of the media influences that contributing to the prevalence of eating disorders.

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Posted By: Aspen/CRC