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Columnist: Women Know Better Than to Be Manipulated by Media

Columnist Naomi Lakritz has had enough. Shes had enough of studies and reports that tell women and girls how sensitive they are to images of razor-thin models. Shes had enough of the inference that females arent smart enough to realize that those images are manipulated and airbrushed and not at all real.
I saw a photo not long ago of some women who were far more beautiful than any of the airbrushed babes with pouty lips and long, skinny legs who can be found in the pages of a magazine. They were nuns from a convent in Washington state, all of them in their late middle ages, none wearing any makeup. &

Their clothing would never be considered the latest fashion. But what made them beautiful was the character in their faces and the light in their eyes." [Source: The Calgary Herald]
The fashion, marketing, health and beauty industries continue to push an image of beauty that is unrealistic. Some, like Naomi Lakritz, would argue that it's also an image of beauty that's not that beautiful.

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Posted By: Aspen/CRC